Student Competitions

Blind Prediction Contest

The contest is on predicting the performance of a one bay one story reinforced concrete frame under quasi-cyclic loading. Contestants will be given the geometric and material properties of the reinforced concrete frame as well as the loading history. Some performance parameters are going to be predicted by the contestants. The frame will be experimented during the ACE 2012 Conference and participants will have a chance to observe the actual behavior of the frame. The contest is open to registered undergraduate and graduate students outside of METU. Contestants can participate as individuals or as a part of a team. Cancelled due to lack of applicants by the deadline October 1, 2012 .

Pervious Concrete Contest

This contest is about making Portland cement concrete specimens with high water permeability and high strength which could be used in sustainable construction applications. Contestants will be given a list of materials which can be used in any combination to produce the “optimum” mixture. The specimens cast by groups of several students will be tested during the ACE 2012 conference. In addition to achievement of high strength and high permeability, scoring will include successful prediction of each of these properties immediately prior to the test. The contest is open to registered undergraduate and graduate students at any university excluding METU. Teams will be made up of at least two students. Further detail including the contest rules will be made available at a future date.Cancelled due to lack of applicants by the deadline October 1, 2012.

Miniature Reinforced Earth Wall Design and Construction Competition

The objective of this geotechnical competition is to design and construct a miniature reinforced earth retaining wall, which should carry a predetermined surcharge load to be placed at the top of the wall, using the least area of reinforcement. Reinforced earth wall will be constructed in a plywood box of specified dimensions, then the front face of the box will be removed. A clean sand will be used as backfill material, paper strips will be used as reinforcement elements, and they will be taped to a carton-paper wall facing. Teams of max. 3 students (at least 1 student should be undergraduate) can participate at the competition. Teams will first submit a brief design paper, then a number of selected teams will be invited to Ankara for the competition. Retaining walls are going to be constructed and tested during ACE2012. A jury will evaluate and give points to teams based on: the design paper, time of construction, deformation of the wall, and (if needed) surcharge load that leads to failure. The top three teams will be given awards.

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