Imad Al-Qadi Geosynthetics Workshop

Geosynthetic Interlayer Systems in Pavements: Effectiveness and Optimization

Interlayer systems have received considerable attention in recent years as viable solutions to enhance pavement performance. Geosynthetic materials may be utilized in both bound and unbound layers of a pavement structure. The success of using geosynthetics in pavements have shown substantialpotential for increasing pavement service life and improving pavement performance if appropriately used and installed. Geosynthetics have been used in roadway systems for reinforcement, layer separation/stabilization, drainage, strain tolerant, and as moisture barriers. The challenge is usually to select the appropriate interlayer system for the proper application. In his presentation, Professor Al-Qadi will discuss the potential to enhance the performance of roadways when using geosynthetics in pavement systems as well as potential challenges. He will also present the various optimized applications to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the pavement system with geosynthetics.

Details can be found here in English and Turkish.

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