Photos form ACE2012

Photos from ACE2012 can be found here.

ACE2012 Preparing Presentations

Oral presentations: A typical ACE2012 oral session is 90-minutes-long and includes 6 speakers. This will give each speaker about 12 minutes for presenting and 2-3 minutes for questions-answers period.

Poster presentations: Posters need to be maximum 70 cm wide by 90 cm tall. Posters will be on display on all three days of the conference. There is a poster walk-through session on 18 October Thursday during lunch break (13:30-14:30). Authors of posters are expected to be standing next to their posters especially during this time.

ACE2012 Conference Schedule

ACE2012 Conference Schedule is finalized. Click for complete schedule, for Day 1, for Day 2 and Day 3.

TUBITAK Katılımcı Desteği Sonuçları (only for Turkish students)

ACE2012 Yürütme Kurulu, TUBİTAK BİDEB’den 35 yaş altı 15 öğrencinin kongreye katilimini desteklemek üzere bütçe almıştır. Yapılan 40 başvuru arasında, TUBİTAK BİDEB koşullarını sağlamaya, farklı şehirlerden, farklı üniversitelerden ve farklı dallardan (hidrolik, zemin, ulaştırma, yapı vs.) katılım sağlamaya gayret gösterdik. Yürütme kurulunun yaptığı değerlendirme sonucu TUBİTAK BİDEB katılımcı desteği verilmesi kararlaştırılan kişilerin isimleri buradan görülebilir.

Imad Al-Qadi Geosynthetics Workshop

Geosynthetic Interlayer Systems in Pavements: Effectiveness and Optimization

Interlayer systems have received considerable attention in recent years as viable solutions to enhance pavement performance. Geosynthetic materials may be utilized in both bound and unbound layers of a pavement structure. The success of using geosynthetics in pavements have shown substantialpotential for increasing pavement service life and improving pavement performance if appropriately used and installed. Geosynthetics have been used in roadway systems for reinforcement, layer separation/stabilization, drainage, strain tolerant, and as moisture barriers. The challenge is usually to select the appropriate interlayer system for the proper application. In his presentation, Professor Al-Qadi will discuss the potential to enhance the performance of roadways when using geosynthetics in pavement systems as well as potential challenges. He will also present the various optimized applications to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the pavement system with geosynthetics.

Details can be found here in English and Turkish.

ACE2012 & FIB Concrete Bridge Workshop

The International Federation for Structural Concrete, fib, will be organizing a two day workshop on State of the Art  design and construction of various concrete bridges with illustrative case studies prior to ACE2012. ACE2012 will host more than 500 technical papers received from 30 different countries. Detailed information can be found here.

Ethics Panel for Engineering Students and Practitioners

Professionalism and ethics are important skills needed for success in an engineering career. ABET EAC and international accreditation criteria emphasize the need for the students to develop an understanding and appreciation of relevant concepts and issues. Students are introduced to related topics in their curriculum and course work to varying degrees; however, they do not frequently get the opportunity to interface with experienced academicians and engineering practitioners to obtain their perspectives and to gain exposure to their experiences and wisdom. Practicing engineers also need to learn more about ethics principles, issues and ways of resolving ethical dilemmas in their professional work. Detailed information can be found here.

TUBITAK Funding Application Ends – Only for Turkish Students

35 yaş altı öğrenciler için TUBITAK BIDEB kongre destek başvuruları 5 Ekim Cuma günü sona erecek ve destek verilecek katılımcılara sonuçlar 8 ekim Pazartesi günü email ile bildirilecektir.

ACE 2012 Conference Program Announced

The conference program is announced here. Please find your presentation date and check your registration status.

ACE 2012 Conference Program

ACE 2012 Conference Program will be announced on Monday, October 1, 2012. Please check your registration status. Registered papers are included to the conference program.